Replenishing Mask w Oxygen

The Replenishing Mask with Oxygen helps to promote circulation and oxygenation within the skin, helping to rejuvenate acne-affected, stressed, or sluggish skin as it brings oxygen to the surface. Oxygen can help promote healing of skin that is stressed, damaged, and even affected by acne.This mask is specially formulated with a special oxygenator that works synergistically with antioxidants and vitamins to revitalize dull, dehydrated, oxygen deprived skin. Great for ALL skin types.

*Expert tip: Can also be used post flight to help hydrate stressed out skin.  

Paraben-free & Sulfates-free


Skin types: normal, acne prone, mature, dehydrated, oily, dry

Key ingredients:  Oxygen, aloe vera, chamomile, Hyaluronic acid, Vitamin A & E, Vitamin B5.
Size: 2 oz