The Pregnancy Safe Acne Kit

$237.00 USD $263.00 USD

This kit is perfect for expectant and lactating mothers. The pregnancy acne kit contains NO retinoids.


-Soothing Gentle Cleanser, Purifying Serum I, Acne Solution Cream 2.5%, Hydrating Moisturizer, Protection 30

-5 Amazing products, formulated specifically for acne-prone dolls, to start your journey to clear skin.

-Our 11-page “Quick Start Guide,” which includes your “daily routine” — a step-by-step strategy for using our products to develop a clear, healthy complexion. The Guide also discusses skin-care do’s and don’ts, tips for getting facials, as well as suggestions for overcoming setbacks common to acne-sufferers.

-The acclaimed “Acne Bible,” our 20-page manual describing dietary and lifestyle changes that are essential to managing breakouts. The Acne Bible provides insights on a wide range of vital issues, including acne-causing and acne-reducing supplements and the negative effects of many common prescription drugs.

-The “Avoid List,” our rundown of pore-clogging ingredients to look for and avoid when purchasing makeup and other types of skincare.

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*No Sulfates, No Animal Testing, Paraben Free, Vegan

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