The Basic Acne Kit


This kit is for anyone suffering from mild inflamed acne. It’s designed to combat and kill acne bacteria.  It prevents further breakouts and mild scarring. Suitable for oily, normal and combination skin. This kit is a great for someone looking for a starter kit on a budget, great for teenagers as well.(If your acne is severe, please consider “The Advanced” acne kit.


Package contains 3 amazing products, formulated specifically for acne-prone skin. Kit comes with the Gentle Cleanser, Hydrating Moisturizer, Acne Cream 2.5% 

-Our 11-page “Quick Start Guide,” which includes your “daily routine” — a step-by-step strategy for using our products to develop a clear, healthy complexion. The Guide also discusses skin-care do’s and don’ts, tips for getting facials, as well as suggestions for overcoming setbacks common to acne-sufferers.

-The acclaimed “Acne Expert Bible,” our 20-page manual describing dietary and lifestyle changes that are essential to managing breakouts. The Acne Bible provides insights on a wide range of vital issues, including acne-causing and acne-reducing supplements and the negative effects of many common prescription drugs.

-The “Avoid List,” our rundown of pore-clogging ingredients to look for and avoid when purchasing makeup and other types of skincare.

**When done using the Acne Solution Cream 2.5%, consider upgrading to the 5%

Kindly check your inbox and promo folder for downloads IMMEDIATELY after your purchase.

We suggest that you do not use any other skin care line while using this system. Please understand that there is no cure for acne. You can only manage it.


Benzoyl Peroxide, Green Tea Extract, Chamomile

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