Argan Oil & Acne

I have been seeing a lot of breakouts these past few weeks from many new clients. The common trigger... argan oil.  If you are acne prone and are using argan oil in your hair or using hair products containing argan oil, olive oil, coconut oil, they will trigger your acne.

All natural oils contain oleic acid and some also have lauric acid. Whilst lauric acid has antibacterial properties it has also been shown to clog pores. Lauric acid is found in coconut oil. Hence why I warn my clients who are acne prone to not use it on their skin BUT it is okay to ingest it.

Oleic acid has been shown to disrupt the skin barrier and create hyperkeratinisation (sebum retention inside the pores/acne). Sunflower oil only has 14% oleic acid and is rated 0 for comedogenicity. Olive oil on the other hand has around 84% oleic acid...HIGHLY comedogenic.

The philosophy I have gone by is to use oils that contain 15% or less of oleic acid. I recommend the use of sunflower and safflower oils in your hair and body treatment ;)

You can purchase these 2 oils at Wholefoods for about $6.