Get Rid Of Acne For Good

"Ahh, the before pics are so unbelievable. It truly was a Godsend finding your products at that lowest point. It was such an incredibly painful time. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and with full spirit."

- Sameen A.

Acne Expert Testimonial
Acne Expert Testimonial

"When I moved to Michigan back in 2015, I was miserable. I had absolutely no family, no local friends, no one but myself. With the new environment and stress, my skin was HORRIBLE! I promise yall... stress will do a whole number on your skin. I remember being so down and honestly feeling so ugly. I did not think I was beautiful. I didn't even recognize myself. Now in 2020. I believe we go through these struggles to learn and GROW. During that period, I took back control of my skin. I found Acne Expert that HEALED me from inside out which started my transformation of loving myself bad skin and all. I say that because I never I would ever feel comfortable again in my body. I can say that going through those pains made me 10x more confident. If you can love yourself when you're down, that's the ultimate self love. Thankful for good skin care, self love & my Detroit tribe!"

- Brittanie Russell

Acne Expert Testimonial
Acne Expert Testimonial


"Your products have really changed my life, I started breaking out in the midst of planning my wedding and my biggest fear was getting married with my acne. Within weeks of religiously using it my acne started going away. Thank You!"

- Preethy Kaur

Acne Expert Testimonial
Acne Expert Testimonial

Licensed Skin Therapist | Medical Esthetician | Reiki Practioner

Marie-Claire, Founder

I have been a licensed skin therapist for over 11 years. After years of working in a clinical environment with a dermatologist, I took the leap and opened my solo practice in Beverly Hills where I only treat acne.



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